Speedpad: test, train, and increase typing speed

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Welcome! This is the documentation for Speedpad version 1.0, last updated Oct 25, 2011.

What is Speedpad?

Speedpad is a small and portable, ncurses powered tool to test, train, and increase typing speed on arbitrary text input:

  • designed for intermediate to advanced level typists
  • assumes that you have already learned how to touch type
  • no lessons, no single words, no synthetic stuff
  • tab expansion, auto indentation and syntax support to train on code
  • reference speed robot (defaults to 100 WPM)
  • supports CPS, CPM, WPM, PPM, and CPH/KPH metrics
  • shows detailed statistics about speed and typos
  • helps to find and eliminate frequent typos

Speedpad requires Python 2.7 or later.
We also recommend to install fortune. (not required)

Download Download Speedpad v1.0 [speedpad-1.0.tar.gz]


Meta information:


Here are some command line examples and ideas how to use speedpad:

speedpad file1 file2 file3                        read files
grep ^foo words | speedpad                        read stdin
speedpad -c -- fortune -s -n 500                  (default)
speedpad -c -- fortune 40% startrek 60% linux
speedpad /usr/src/linux/README
speedpad --code /usr/src/linux/mm/pagewalk.c


Getting the Speedpad source code using Git:

$ git clone git://labs.feurix.org/feurix/misc/speedpad.git

See also: Git Webinterface, Source Browser

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