Keybind Reference

Global keybinds

Key             Action

Hh?             Display this help screen
CTRL-C / Qq     Quit

TAB             Cycle mode forwards
SHIFT-TAB       Cycle mode backwards
ALT-n / ESC-n   Switch to mode n, where n is the numeric mode id
ESC-ESC         Jump to previous mode

ENTER           Display hotkey menu for selected service
SPACE           Copy and paste selected service identifier to the CLI

You can scroll the stat views using UP / DOWN / PGUP / PGDOWN / HOME / END.

Hotkeys for common administrative actions

Hotkey      Action

F4          Restore initial server weight

F5          Decrease server weight:     - 10
F6          Decrease server weight:     -  1
F7          Increase server weight:     +  1
F8          Increase server weight:     + 10

F9          Enable server (return from maintenance mode)
F10         Disable server (put into maintenance mode)

Hotkey actions and server responses are logged on the CLI viewport.

Keybinds for the command line interface

Key                 Action

ALT-n / ESC-n       escape the shell and display given viewport

ENTER               execute cmdline or display marker if input empty

UP / DOWN           scroll input history up or down
LEFT / RIGHT        move input cursor one character to the left or right
HOME / END          move input cursor to the beginning or end of line
BACKSPACE / DEL     delete one character backwards or forwards

PGUP / PGDOWN       scroll output history up or down
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