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Rouncube Webmailer:

Roundcube webmail is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides full functionality you expect from an e-mail client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking.


This is a basic plugin example for roundcube. It is part of the Response project. Call it a proof of concept implementation to enable your users to configure their autoresponse settings.

Basically it is a cleaned up and stripped down version of Jasper Slits’ original work for the rcubevacation plugin project. The upstream version of the rcubevacation plugin this code is based on is 1.6.

Changes to the code (if any except some cleanup) are commented in each of the source file headers.

Most importantly, as with all parts regarding Response, you are free to use custom SQL queries for every operation.


  1. Place the vacation dir into the plugins/ folder of your roundcube install

  2. Enable the vacation plugin in config/

    $rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('vacation');
  3. Open and adjust plugins/vacation/

  4. Be sure to fix the permissions for so that no one except the user running roundcube (www-data, ...) can read it.


After installing and activating the plugin, you will get a new tab in the account settings view: “Vacation”, where the user may configure the Response autoresponse_config records. As of now, they may enabled/disable the response, set a custom subject and a custom message.


We ship the native en_US texts as well as de_DE. The translation should be pretty easy, so please contribute one :-)

Information about the original plugin

Contact information of the original author:

Jasper Slits <>

The original plugin documentation had the following additional notes:


This product is distributed under the GPL. Please read through the file
LICENSE in Roundcube's root directory for more information about the


The Postfixadmin team for creating the virtual vacation program.
Peter Ruiter for his initial work on the plugin.

Patches,feedback and suggestions:

Please submit patches and suggestions by e-mail (jaspersl @ gmail . com).
Project URL:
Feedback is always welcome.
Response Project

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