Complete list of features


In all tools

  • Error and signal handling, graceful dying
  • Logging with various log-levels
  • Syslog support
  • Config file support
  • Dry-Run mode (useful in combination with debug logging)


  • Connection ACLs
  • Soft-fail, hard-fail and fail-safe operation modes
  • Sender validation using regular expressions
  • Recipient validation using regular expressions and/or backend lookups
  • Message header name validation using regular expressions
  • Message header value validation using regular expressions
  • Time-based queue limiting (one response to the same recipient per n seconds)
  • Configuration reload on SIGHUP


  • Disable response configs that have expired
  • Delete old response records that were not hit for a long time
  • Delete response records that belong to disabled configs


  • Sending via a remote or local SMTP relay
  • SMTP-AUTH support
  • STARTTLS support
  • Dumping response mails to stdout
  • Limiting generation of response mails


  • Roundcube plugin
  • Initscript for Debian-like systems


  • ...


  • Debian / Ubuntu Packaging
  • PostgreSQL backend adapter
  • PostgreSQL example database schema and queries
  • Gentoo Ebuild
  • RPM Spec
  • Exim examples

Patches welcome! :-)

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