Response: The Automatic E-Mail Response System

GPLv3 License

Welcome! This is the documentation for Response version 0.8, last updated Mar 30, 2010.

What is Response?

Response is a set of tools to handle automatic e-mail responses, also called "Out of Office", "Vacation" or "Autoreply" messages.

Response tries hard to do that the correct way, i.e. not responding to e-mails that should not be responded to. All of the validation code can be easily modified to suite your needs, however we try hard to ship sane defaults.

Key Features:

  • Fast LMTP daemon doing message validation and response recording
  • Designed primarily for Postfix and Virtual Users, but works with others (see examples)
  • Supports various RDBMS backends: MySQL, PostgreSQL, ...
  • You are free to use custom SQL queries for all operations
  • Powerful and customizable message validation
  • Scalable, multiple mailservers are supported
  • Sending responses using any SMTP relay (including SMTP-AUTH, STARTTLS)
  • ... and finally, written for Python 2.6 or later



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